Hannah Paris – Calm After The Storm (Review)

Hannah Paris - Calm After The Storm
Release: 4th June 2021
Format: Digital
Label: Black Barn Music

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Hannah is a British artist who blends many elements of Pop, Rock and Country. Despite over a year of lockdowns and social distancing Hannah has managed to keep busy by releasing 6 songs. However, never one to slow down, Hannah has pressed ahead and is due to release the 7th song since 2020… a cover of The Common Linnets, ‘Calm After The Storm”.

According to PR, this single started life as piece of homework for an online music production course. The result is something of a departure for Hannah. Previous singles such as ‘Sun Will Come’ and ‘My Love’ have focused on sparse, intimate productions where the focus is firmly on the voice and the story being told. However, on this release the shackles are off and we are presented with a lush, wide and ambient soundscape that evolves layer upon layer as the track unfolds. Layers of ear candy such as echo vocals greet the listener, showing Hannah’s willingness to explore new ideas. Resulting in each listen becoming like a treasure trove where you can uncover new sounds with each listen. This is something that I personally love hearing from artists.

Musical performances are controlled and assured throughout with every note fitting together like a jigsaw. The vocal is warm, controlled and emotive, three things that are a real trademark of Hannah’s music. Subtle inflections and dynamics keep the listener engaged whilst still offering up some surprises in places. When doing a cover of popular songs it can be easy to fall into the trap of replicating the original vocal. But thankfully, this is not the case here. Instead, Hannah has created a vocal which distances itself from the original and allows Hannah to take ownership of the song.

Overall, this slight departure and willingness to try new things is really exciting and bodes well for future releases. Like a cliffhanger on your favourite TV Show, it is going to be really interesting to see what direction the new music will take. Perhaps this storm is only just beginning.

To learn more about Hannah's music, please visit the website. https://www.hannahparis.com