Who Are We ??

Renegade Maverick are a music industry platform focused on the production of music and the release of that product to market.

It all starts with the song. We are invested in creating great music so the services we provide can be completely tailored to your needs. We can provide a number of services to see your project through from an idea to fully produced and commercially ready product.

Just some of the services we can provide include​​

  • Mix pre recorded sessions
  • Vocal recording or instrumental recording sessions
  • Remote Recording
  • Record singles, EP's, Albums

Our Story

Renegade Maverick was setup by Chris Logan with the premises of recording recording music we are passionate about. Especially music that can be overlooked, hence the name renegade.

Specialising in Music Production and Mixing we can turn our hands to any music based project.

We also operate a record label Renegade Maverick Records and have a distribution deal with Absolute/Universal. This allows us to release physical or digital product into the market place.

Meet the Team

Who are the People Behind Renegade Maverick

Chris Logan


Guitarist and Founder of Renegade Maverick. Chris has a BSc (Hons) Degree from Queens University in Music Technology. Also a certified Pro Tools Operator.

Next Steps...

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